Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - The Neutral Child Conspiracy"

Better late than never, right? Sorry folks. It's been a busy week for me as I prepare for an away mission next week (more on that later), but before it's too late, it's time for a new episode of Star Trek: Asterisk!

This week, Steve and I completed season 1 and continued into season 2 of The Next Generation with a fresh batch of new episodes: "Conspiracy", "The Neutral Zone", and "The Child". Come into our kitchen and see what's cookin' right here.

Steve's written reviews are up, and ready for your reading. Also, the Aftermath will be seen here almost immediately. Plus, remember that HAILING FREQUENCIES ARE OPEN at 513-ASTRISK (513-278-7475). Finally, be sure to join us this and every Friday at 6PM Eastern for the live show!

NOTE: Because I'll be away next week (2/8/13), we won't have a show that night. But be sure to join us the FOLLOWING week as we trek on!