Star Trek: Asterisk "REBOOT"

So, one of the reasons I went on hiatus with Star Trek: Asterisk I didn't write about in the post announcing the hiatus. And that reason is this: I think I suck at reviews. Every time I call one of my episode recaps a review I kinda feel bad about it. It's not really a "review" so much as... well, as I said, a "recap". So, I've decided to reboot Star Trek: Asterisk, therefore, with a major change in format. Here's the changelog:

  1. "Reviews" on the write-ups will be replaced by "Recaps" which are basically the exact same thing that they have been, but (hopefully) funnier and with a different name.
  2. Look! A fancy new logo!
  3. "Overall Thoughts" on the write-ups will be renamed to "Review".
  4. I'm getting rid of the just-talking part of the podcast. From now on, I'm just going to release a commentary track with a little bit more of an introduction.
  5. This commentary track podcast will be attached to the episode write-up and not in its own post.
  6. This means that each commentary track will be separate unto itself; not three at a time.
  7. So, if you're following along with this, you'll understand that the "Officer's Lounge" and "Podcast" posts will no longer exist. Everything about each particular episode will be self-contained within one post.
  8. This also means that Star Trek: Asterisk will no longer be LIVE. I'll try to post three episodes per week, and with the smaller workload I should be able to handle that, but "FRIDAYS AT 6" will no longer be a thing.
So, look for more posts coming up soon! Look for this new format coming up. I'll be starting with The Next Generation episode "Clues."

Five points to anyone who comments on the nostalgic reference in this post.