The Astricast: Police Brutality

Here’s what I know about police brutality
In the past week, America has been shattered by yet another death of a black person, George Floyd, at the hands of a police officer. Unfortunately, this is neither a rare, nor a new occurrence. African American people have routinely been disproportionately harassed and brutalized by the very people who have sworn to protect them as part of the public. Comedians have joked about it, movies and TV shows have addressed it, protestors have railed against it, but for some reason, policymakers haven’t done anything about it. It appears that the death of George Floyd has been America’s last straw. The officers responsible for his death have been charged with murder, and the whole Minnesota police department has been sued by the City of Minnesota. Beyond that, protests and riots have broken out in every major city across the United States. Unfortunately, these demonstrations have, in some cases, provoked the very action they were organized to protest a…
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