Introducing Piecemeal Pricing

If you go to The Green Asterisk social media page you'll find all the pricing options, and for a while, the only options that were there were plans that included a bunch of social media jobs in one.

Today I'm introducing Piecemeal Pricing. I've broken out all the little jobs inside the plans and given them their own price. Because sometimes you want the posts from the alpha plan, the graphics from the beta plan, and the reporting from the gamma plan, but you don't wanna pay gamma plan prices for just that. Or maybe you just wanna test out my service for a week to see how it goes, but you don't wanna pay for a whole month.

It's all covered. And the best part is that the plans are still there. So, like a McDonald's value meal, if you wanna save a few bucks, you can get the whole meal without buying the burger, fries, and drink separately.

Head on over to the social media services page and check it all out. You can even watch my commercial while you're there! (Also, ask me about making commercials for you.)