The Astricast

Recently I decided to get into the business of voiceover. The trouble with that is that I don't really have anything online that showcases my voice. Here comes The Astricast. I've actually been trying to think of some kind of podcast to put on the Internet for quite some time now, but hadn't come up with a really good idea. Then I realized that there are a million little things that randomly pop into my head; little bits of trivia that I don't really have any good use for except showing off at parties. These would be perfect things to put into a podcast, right?

I've tried doing a podcast in the past, but this time I'm going to do it right. Got some good hosting going on, a good mic, good software. This time it'll be slick. Look for the Astricast to start this coming Thursday and every Thursday hence. So far, the episodes are less than five minutes long, so you can listen to them while you're getting ready for work and still have time to spare. If you've got any ideas about what I should talk about, please say so in the comments! Note that it should probably be something that I already have at least some knowledge about.